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Hi. I am Miguel. welcome to 

BE Bright eyes,



whose mission is to increase in-person presence and interactions between strangers. Why? Because we believe in our shared connections, our shared human stories and that there is not enough trust and willingness to engage deeply with the people around us.  People who in one simple moment can become mentors, healers, coaches, inspirations, partners, friends. 

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This section is all about the things I care deeply about; self-improvement, humanity's place in the rapidly changing world, meditation, art, history, news, poetry, relationships. I believe passion is a muscle to be grown and deepened. There is nothing better than transferring the fire in my eyes into another person's soul. The content here is mostly blogging written articles and some occasional vlogging called Brighteyes World.


This section is for creating connections between human beings here in the real world; it's about experiments out in the streets, and about delving into the vulnerability and transparency and shared connections we have with each other. I desire to help bring about more presence in everyday interactions. The content here is the two video series' Doctor Stranger, and Stranger Possibilities.


This section is all about fun and learning, about fostering the spirit of childlike inquisitiveness within each of us by always wondering why? and what if? Whoever said being an adult meant silencing the fun, energetic, and curious sides of ourselves? The content here is all about illuminating myself and others through the Brighteyes & Me Podcast, and book review videos in Gaston's Library of Wisdom.